Arisesoft Winsyntax

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Version: 2.0 - Freeware
Systems: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP
Size of archive: 453 KB
Release date: 2002-08-17


Arisesoft Winsyntax - is a PHP-code editor, with the syntax highlighting and the context help for professional scripting. screen shot


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What the users says about Winsyntax:

Andy Atkinson: I have downloaded WinSyntax, had a play and thought I would let you know what I think. Its Great !! Finally a usefull none bloated PHP editor, I am now using it daily as my primary editor.

JOsh: The editor Winsyntax is really a nice Program. Small, user friendly and free... just like perfect software should be.

Russ Ryba: This is a nice little program for when I have to use windows.

Da Vinci: I use WinSyntax for creating my PHP-stuff, the program is great.

Alejandro: Hi... the reason of this mail is just say "thanks" for Winsyntax. It's just great and I've found it very useful :)

MT Jordan: Nice editor. I have been looking for a php editor that is small and quick for my files. Currently I use phpCoder as it is fast to load. My problem with it is I don't need the mass toolbars, project management etc., and don't like my screen cluttered with unused tools.

Octavian S. Hornoiu: I absolutely LOVE your program! It is the cleanest, fastest editor out there and I use it for ALL of my php development. Thank you for spending time developing it and for not making it bloated with tons of buttons and junk.

Andy Gajetzki: Hello, I just wanted to say "thank you" for Winsyntax. It is an overall great editor for PHP, and its speed is blinding. On my main workstation (1gz / 256 MB) the competition (Zend, Komodo) is to slow to even consider using on a large project. Some features that would be useful... In any case, keep up the excellent work. Thanks!!

Kevin Lloyd: Just wanted to say thanks for the great product, it's simple, but very effective. Color schemes for syntax highlighting are a little hard to change, but at least they can be changed! Ever since HomeSite went under with DreamWeaver MX I've been looking for something nice and simple to bring back the joy in my coding. You guys take the cake! Great work.

Tihomir Saulic: Keep up the good work, keep winsyntax glamorous, user friendly, make it even more powerful and what's the most important, keep it free!


CNET users also love our work:

ddjunker: Uses KISS principle very well. All you REALLY need in a text editor is proper color-coding of several languages and line numbers. Well done.

smibdaddy: The best 'free' text editor. Yes... this is a text editor. I guess some people don't read the description before downloading. This program will open everytype of file in regards to .html, .sql, .php, .tpl...etc... the list goes on. This program makes it easier to read the code by color coding values. This is an invaluable tool that I use 100% of the time to edit my php scripts! GOOD WORK!!